Find out more about Aspro´s history.


1975    The company starts as Metallurgic Aspromonte Brothers with highly precise parts machining for different industries.


1979    The first industrial plant of the holding is built in Pablo Podestá, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


1985    The company focuses part of its business on manufacturing CNG compression systems.


1987    Manufacturing of the first CNG compressor with Aspro brand.


1988    Start up of the first CNG refueling station with an Aspro compressor. Monthly sales hit record of 800,000m³.


1990    Aspro’s consolidation as leader in Argentina for the production and sale of CNG compressor systems.


1991    First exportation to Brazil.


1992    Start up of the first CNG refueling station with Aspro brand.


2001    Installation of the 1,000th compressor in the world.


2002    Opening of a new industrial plant in Campo Largo, Paraná, Brazil.


2005    Installation of the 2,000th compressor in the world. Company present in over 20 countries.


2005    Start up of the 50th refueling station of the Aspro brand network.


2008    Sell of the 1,000th Aspro CNG compressor in Brazilian market.


2010     Netherland┬┤s commercial office opening.


2011     4000 CNG compressors sold around the world.


2011     Aspro Italy┬┤s subsidiary and industrial plant in China openings.